Blueberry Wine

Blueberry Wine


Breitenbach’s blueberry dessert wine is made from natural fruit. Blueberry is a Gold Medal wine in the San Diego International Wine and Spirits Challenge!

How often have you had a taste of freshly-picked blueberry in your wine glass? Try this fabulous new flavor to add some fun to your next get-together. In 2008 Blueberry won gold at the Ohio Wine Competition.

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  1. S. Bryan

    The Blueberry wine is a delightfully delicious wine. A new favorite of mine.

  2. Dreama Jackson

    This wine is the best blueberry wine that I’ve ever had. It is so smooth and not too sweet!

  3. power washers

    Breitenbach Wine Cellars’ Blueberry Wine is an incredibly delicious wine with a full-bodied flavor that’s highlighted by a subtle hint of blueberry. It’s perfect for those who love fruity and sweet wines, especially in the summertime. This wine is made using only the highest quality blueberries, resulting in a wine that is crisp and refreshing. Overall, Breitenbach Wine Cellars’ Blueberry Wine is a must-try for any wine enthusiast looking for something unique and satisfying.

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