Roadhouse Red

Roadhouse Red


Roadhouse Red won gold at the 2012 Finger Lakes wine competition and silver medals at Indy International, Florida State Fair and Pacific Rim International wine competitions.

Breitenbach Roadhouse Red is a classic semi-sweet red wine made from our unique blend of French and American grapes. Sit back and enjoy the deliciously smooth taste of Roadhouse Red.

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  1. Terry Grunwald

    Best wine EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tisha Jones

    This is one of my favorites! Has a very nice taste.

  3. Elizabeth Mottaz

    Whenever we visit Walnut Creek, we always make sure to make a trip to this lovely winery, to sample, and of course pick up our absolute favorite wine. The Roadhouse Red is a hit with any group, as it is fruity, but still bold so it can please almost any taste. Be sure to pick up more than 1 bottle as it will go fast!

  4. Rose Clark

    Best wine I have ever had

  5. Tess Riegel

    First time tasting this wine – even though I’ve visited Canton OH many times. I love it!

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