Roadhouse Red

Roadhouse Red


Roadhouse Red won double gold and Best of Class at LA International and Sunset International wine competitions!

Breitenbach Roadhouse Red is a classic semi-sweet red wine made from our unique blend of French and American grapes. Sit back and enjoy the deliciously smooth taste of Roadhouse Red.

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  1. Terry Grunwald

    Best wine EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tisha Jones

    This is one of my favorites! Has a very nice taste.

  3. Elizabeth Mottaz

    Whenever we visit Walnut Creek, we always make sure to make a trip to this lovely winery, to sample, and of course pick up our absolute favorite wine. The Roadhouse Red is a hit with any group, as it is fruity, but still bold so it can please almost any taste. Be sure to pick up more than 1 bottle as it will go fast!

  4. Rose Clark

    Best wine I have ever had

  5. Tess Riegel

    First time tasting this wine – even though I’ve visited Canton OH many times. I love it!

  6. Carolyn Harris

    I received this wine as a gift from my cousin. This is the best wine I’ve ever tasted. I was sad to find out that I could not find it here in Arizona where I live.

  7. Delphia Ramsey

    Usually I get one bring it home taste it and then pour it out but this one I got at the Amish store in Ohio. It is the best ever.

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