First Crush

First Crush


Breitenbach’s semi-sweet, slightly tart First Crush. It won silver medals for “Wine Women Want” and Pacific Rim Wine Competitions.

The interesting taste of First Crush is the main reason this wine has been a favorite here at Breitenbach since we opened in 1980. The native grapes used for this wine are not only delightfully sweet, but also a bit tart. This youthful wine leaves a pleasant memory. Goes well with Guggisberg Baby Swiss, available in our Amish store.

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  1. Jo

    This wine has been a favorite for many years, next-best to my #1, Frost Fire.

  2. Vermonter

    We love it. First tried it at my nieces wedding!! She gave us a bottle to come home with, all the way home to Vermont!!

  3. Colleen Pyles. Godley Texas

    I received this delightful bottle of wine

  4. Deb

    I was in Ohio this summer visiting family and was thrilled to find your wine in the local grocery store. In the past, the only way to enjoy your wonderful wines was a trip to Amish country. I brought some back to Colorado and enjoyed your “First Crush” all over again.

  5. Rosiecoop

    Favorite for years

  6. Thomas Flegge (verified owner)

    I have ordered this wine for 60 years…”the best”…
    Thomas S. Flegge

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