Dandelion Wine

Dandelion Wine


One of Breitenbach’s delicious sweet dessert wines. Dandelion wine is only available either at our retail store in Amish Country or online!

How many dandelion blossoms does it take to make 1000 gallons of wine? Just ask the Amish family who pick them for us on two sunny days in the spring. Or, come to our annual Dandelion May Fest, the first weekend of May and find out!


  1. Karen

    Very sweet, but ooooh, so good! If you enjoy sweet wine, this is a must try!

  2. Jim Steiner

    You must try this wine. My favorite of white wines.

  3. Andrea

    I do not care for wine at all, but tasted this Dandelion Wine on a tour of the winery. Let me tell you that I love it! It’s absolutely delicious. Sadly I cannot purchase it in stores and I live a considerable distance from the winery, but I’m planning on attending the Dandelion Festival this year to be able to purchase some of this!

  4. Nicole M

    It taste like drinking sunshine! Smooth, sweet and absolutely delicious! My only regret is that I did not buy more at this years Dandelion Festival! I will have to keep my eye out and see if they sell it at any of our stores in the Cuyahoga Falls area.

  5. Sherry Vasko

    My all-time favorite. Although, there are others we also like. I usually go to winery and buy a case so I have some for us and some for gifts. Everyone was disappointed this past year because I didn’t make it to winery.

  6. Deb Moeller

    Absolutely love this wine. Sweet as can be. My first time experiencing this flavor.

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