4-Barrel Tawny Port

4-Barrel Tawny Port


Our 2022 Tawny Port won Concordance gold medals at the Ohio Wine Competition, Double Gold at Indy International and Gold at Riverside International.

This is a new bottling of Port. We suggest that this be aged 6 months to a year for the best taste. A delicious dessert wine. The Tawny Port has an alcohol content of 18%.


  1. James McLaughlin

    A little pricey but an excellent port. Really tough to find in Ohio but this one would be in anyones top ten.

  2. Rich Steinmetz

    If you have never tried a port start with this great example of what port is about. Unlike a lot of wines you will be able to taste all the complex flavors that this has to offer. And as for the price it is money well spent. Have it on a cold evening after a good meal, skip dessert and have this instead.

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