Pomegranate Wine

Pomegranate Wine


Our new fruit wine is luscious! Pomegranate is sweet yet light and smooth. This wine would be perfect with a cheese and fruit plate!

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  1. Patricia Brubaker

    This is our favorite wine & winery.
    We always get a good stock on hand.

  2. Pat Gantzer

    My friends Amy and Tom gave me a bottle of Pomegranate wine and I saved it for a perfect evening to enjoy. Wow, I really like this wine and right now it is my favorite.

  3. Kevin Prewitt

    Does stores carry your product in the Greater Cleveland area,

    • anita

      Our wines are sold in most Giant Eagle stores!

  4. Penny H.

    The pomegranate wine is a very good tasting wine there is not much sweetness to it and that’s the way I like it. It’s an enjoyable wine for the holidays. I love visiting this Winery.

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