Dandelion Festival

Every year, the hills of Amish Country turn a delightful shade of yellow when the dandelions go into full bloom. We harvest and celebrate them annually at the Breitenbach Dandelion Festival the first weekend in May. We have family-friendly fun, food, and Dandelion Wine!

30th Annual Dandelion May Fest/ May 6, 2022 from 12-7 and May 7, 2022 from 9-7

The Dandelion Festival will take place at the new Roadhouse Amphitheater, located just 1/2 mile east of the winery on Old Rt. 39. Friday the festival is from noon-7 and Saturday it is 9-7. There will be wine sampling, Dandelion Sangria, cellar tours, arts and crafts and live entertainment scheduled for both days.

Vendors will be open both days, showcasing their Dandelion products for everything from soap, pottery, handmade jewelry to crafts and more. Dandelion food specialties will also be available both Friday and Saturday, such as dandelion sausage, dandelion bread, dandelion gravy, dandelion lasagna, and dandelion sangria. Please email info@breitenbachwine.com for an application if you would like to be a vendor at this year's festival.

The Dandelion 5K Run/Walk and 10K Run is May 7 and benefits the Zachary Davis Memorial Foundation. For early discount registration go to 2022 Ohio Challenge Run Sign Up

Mark your calendars, and don't miss out on our biggest, most fun-filled festival of the year!


Dandelion Festival 2019

In the spirit of, “if you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well eat ‘em,” the Dandelion May

Fest is held each on the grounds of Breitenbach Wine Cellars between Dover and

Sugarcreek. This year’s event combined the tried and true with bold and new.

As a way to “spice” things up a bit, Breitenbach added an interesting twist with a

Chopped-Style contest featuring the incredibly-edible weed — the first lady of the

festival itself — the dandelion. Coordinated by Sherry Schie of Shy Cellars of Strasburg,

the first Chopped Dandelion Challenge was a success.

“What an incredible new event,” Schie commented after the dishes were presented.

“From the chef contestants, the chef judges, to the guests…we all enjoyed the Chopped

Dandelion Challenge immensely.”

Schie noted attendees were very into the event, treating it, in some ways, like a sporting

event. “What an incredible time we all had,” she said. “The audience was on the edge of

their seats toward the end, rooting for their favorite chef.”

In the end, the winner was Shauna Pullie who lives near Mountaineer Casino. She is a

professional home cook. She noted she had never entered a cooking contest before.

She had, in the past, made dandelion fritters. She put her skills to work and created an

incredible dish in just 30 minutes using an Amish Country Donut, a cut of pork and

several other ingredients.

One of the other fun components of the event is the judging of dandelion food from local

food trucks. Food aficionado and local celebrity Amy Smith from WJER Radio ha the

task again this year. “Judging the dandelion cook-ff was a challenge because the

entries were each so unique,” Smith shared after the event that let her sink her spoon

and fork into everything for ice cream to gumbo. “The vendors came up with the most

creative selections I’ve seen in all my years of judging, making the decision even harder

than usual.”

When the marks were tallied, it was a dish known as the Flying Dande Bruta and Dande

Breight Salad from Local Motion Food Truck of Utica that took home top honors. “Their

dish really stood out based on creativity, generous use of dandelions and an interesting

flavor palate,” Smith explained. “The sweet balsamic reduction and apples balanced the

bitterness of the dandelion greens.”

Smith also noted she was over the moon with excitement in knowing she had picked a

dish from a first-time vendor at the event.

Surveying the vast parking areas of the event, it was easy to see the Dandelion May

fest has followers from around the area and beyond. There were plates from Minnesota,

New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and more than handful from Florida. Attendees

raved about the wide variety of food and, of course, the dandelion aspect. “We weren’t

sure what to expect but are so glad we came,” explained Gloria McCloud of Amherst.

“This was a great time for us moms to just get away, enjoy some Amish Country and

find that dandelions aren’t all bad after all.”

Tom Yonders of New Albany agreed. “This festival is something we have been doing for

many years after stumbling upon it here at Breitenbach,” he said. “We love coming back

year after year. It’s a great event and the people are friendly.”

A Dandelion Run 5K and, the newly-introduced 10K were also held to benefit the

Zachary Davis Foundation, a charity near and dear to Anita Davis of Breitenbach as she

started it in memory of her late son Zachary who lost his battle with addiction. “Having

over 300 runners out here to take to the hills and support this cause is amazing,” Davis

said. “It is humbling to see the support of the community. Fundraisers like this allow us

to get the message out about drugs to local youth and offer scholarships for those who

are looking to pursue a career that can impact others.”

In the 5K, top finishers included: Gavin Reed - 22:17; Kevin Hursh - 22:48; Mihai Cotlet

- 23:32; Kevin Cline - 23:45; Jesse Kandel - 23:49; Owen Simpson - 23:52; Bekah

Zinkon - 23:52; Daniel McLaughlin - 24:34; Cory Ferris - 24:38; Allison Hershberger -

25:52; Anthony Miller - 26:00.

10K top finishers included: Evan Heck - 44:25; Bill Long - 46:36; Cory Brinton - 49:04;

Kent Snyder - 49:08; Catherine Slayman - 49:55; Delbert Yoder - 50:13; Jesse Mullet -

52:17; Megan Weaver - 53:31; Matthew Yoder - 53:34; Richard Slayman - 54:10; Mick

Snider - 55:10; Ashley Newbold - 55:36; Sean Siders - 58:12; Matt Ritzert - 58:57;

Wendell Yoder - 59:21.

After all the awards were handed out and runners were treated to massages, goodies

and a congratulatory glass of sangria, runners relaxed for a bit. While some cooled

down and went about their day, others enjoyed the festival. “This was a challenging

course, noted Wendell Yoder. “But it was a good kind of challenging and one that I think

I want to tackle again.”

When it was all said and done, two days in Amish Country were filled with fun, family,

friends and plenty of all things Dandelion. The fest is on for next year – the first

weekend of May. For Davis and the crew at Breitenbach, the event is a labor of love

that they enjoy putting together to celebrate everything about the winery with family,

hope and love being at the center.